Brand is an idea and an intangible which can be described in many ways. To us at CrossRoadsBrands the best way to define a brand is with its story. The core values of the brand get established over years and the projections of these can best be understood by the story of the brand.

Ferrari is a brand associated with luxury, racing cars and design excellence. Enzo Ferrari’s one line story of building road super cars for wealthy people was to raise money to go racing says it all. Speed and race engineering are the hallmark of this brand. Ferrari symbol the prancing horse came from Paolina a mother of an Italian air force hero who used to paint this symbol on his planes for good luck. A three line story and it conveys a lot more about the core of the brand.

There are all kinds of brands and there is a story for each. Even the most nondescript outlet at the crossroads has a name with a story. Lets have a look at a few of these

These are the exemplary brands which have an instant recall with the logo and the name. The logo and the brand identity is unique. The brand coveys an instant value proposition which has been carefully established over the years globally by these companies. One can easily see that simplicity is the hallmark of all these brands, and a core identity with value proposition has been etched into it.

These are some brands which have got established with their unique identity. Association of a logo against the name is still not too strong, however the name recall and its value got established much earlier. The name and the logo in many of these cases do not communicate an instant USP which leaves an opportunity untapped for the business which owns the name. Such brands also leave possibilities for non authentic names to survive and dilute the original names value.

There are roadside outlets which really are at the bottom of the pack in terms of any kind of brand identity. There is a name however in most of these which is the most basic attempt at establishing a unique identity and possibly communicate something about that identity.

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