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E- Commerce Website

With Amazon, Flipkart and similar online retailers aggressively establishing the online commerce model in India. Today the convenience and making a choice over the web for a product has become a preferred mode for purchasing a large number of categories.

Though these marketplaces provide a good scale, but for small to medium size brand owners there is a significant margin taken away by these marketplaces.

There is a good reason for every brand to have an online e-commerce website for its own brands, which establishes the brand identity online with search and brand content owned and controlled by the brand owner

Management and Integration

Running an E- Commerce website requires constant management as there are transactions of purchase and new products getting continuously added.

Integration of the Catalog to payment gateways in a secure manner is another important aspect for a good ecommerce website

Search Engine optimization for the brand and its categories is essential for driving traffic from online search

Catalog Management with right categories, product information, price information and running promotions are all part of management of an e-commerce website

At CrossRoadsBrands we provide complete end to end and single ownership for all these aspects of running an online business smoothly

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