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Idea, purpose, expertise, thought leadership

Yes, today’s world is more about intangibles than tangibles. Good quality clothing is hygiene, there is value attached in the story behind how the farmer’s grow cotton and how the weavers give it a hand touch to how its given a unique color and design. With Social Media the ability to tell a Brand story and make it reach your audience is quite effective, and Blogs with a mix of pictures and text are quite engaging read as per audience convenience.

Yes a blog can be as powerful as short stories with which we engage, relate and get entertained, consuming the content on our Smart Devices vs paperback in the earlier days.

Art of Blogging

  • Should be engaging
  • Should have content which is a mix of media and text
  • Written with a storyline
  • Subject expertise and thought leadership
  • Ease of consumption over Smart devices
  • Content should reach audience via multiple social channels
  • Context of the Brand should be subtle and memorable
  • Show up in search results


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