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Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram

Social Media platforms are many with a few which are well established with upwards of 500 Million to a Billion plus users. The decision on which platform to focus depends upon the business and its target audience.

Facebook- Good for B2C and local brands which need to develop followership and communicate the services and products to its target audience. Strong framework for designing and running promotions and campaigns

Twitter- Limited short message posts with pictures and links. It is a good platform for knowledge based, Sports, Travel and brands which need to have projections to a set of audience who are more engaged on text and ideas than pictures.

LinkedIn- Good for B2B and influencer marketing. Blogs and thought leadership content over LinkedIn is a great tool for Brands which are targeting knowledge buyers

Instagram- B2C focus with relevance to certain Brands which can project brand image with just pictures.

Youtube, Google Plus

Video content has a high engagement level on all social media channels.

Google technologies play a vital role for search based marketing and active relevant content posting on Youtube and Google Plus has significant advantages

Search engine optimization for a website is a separate topic however all these strategies work in tandem for a particular Brand search results to be above average.

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