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Design and Development

A website is portal of virtual experience for a brand. We get requests to make websites with considerations like X number of pages, search engine optimization, Responsive, google maps, social media enabled and many more technical terms loaded into the ask.

Most of those are given for a good website from a technical standpoint, however a the most important aspect is the Content and the way that’s used to give the virtual experience of the Brand.

It requires more marketing and design skills for the ultimate objective of the website which is Brand experience, and a lot of times that’s missed by the brand owners when they decide to get a website developed.

At CrossRoadsBrands our focus is the Brand and Content. We have very strong technical skills to develop and manage the websites .

Design and Content are the core of a good website. It requires marketing and technical skills to come together for giving shape to a online brand experience which is differentiated and unique

We work on CMS’s like Joomla and WordPress to give a long lasting and secure website which can be managed with ease

Hosting and Management

We provide various options for hosting as well.

The customer can purchase hosting from  Commercially available hosting plans like Godaddy etc are suitable to some clients, but may not provide the computation power for the response times expected by the customer.

We also provide hosting options which range from hosting on commercially available options to Virtual Private servers with complete management  and maintenance of the website

Continuous updating new content and keep the website up-to-date is very important. Taking backups and giving a one stop solution for websites is what we offer.


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