Digital and Social Media Marketing Services from CrossRoadsBrands

Social Media Channels and Digital Content has made marketing much more targetted and effective for Brand owners. Every business small or big needs to have digital content and use the social channels for a direct engagement with its customers. CrossRoadsBrands provides comprehensive digital marketing services with inhouse content team, inhouse web development and technical team, bunch of highly qualified and experience marketing professionals. These marketing professions give shape to the strategy, bring the digital marketing plan into effect, measure the performance and the engagement generated with the objective to continuously optimize the effort and spend. CrossRoadsBrands provides Search Engine Optimization services. Google Adwords, Analytics, Webmaster and other tools are used to generate search and keyword based traffic organically and paid.


Simplify Digital Marketing and accentuate the voice of small & midsize brands.


Sound, Light, Emotion, Color on a creative canvas is the language of the soul. We take inspiration from Music


Technology Skills



Most on the team are from Gurgaon and Delhi

Our Method is to explore the right projections of the brand and associations which is a must before the digital marketing campaigns are run. We use design thinking and research to gather and explore the information, analyse and synthesize the core message of the brand. Once the brand projection and association is fully understood we design content which feeds into the content marketing plan. CrossRoadsBrands Content Marketing experience is strong and we provide the most competitive overall value proposition

The above is a example of a cookie brand from Nanital where we worked to explore the positioning of this product. The projections are fresh, handmade and authentic premium cookies with associations to Nainital and hills. Evething from logo to packaging sticker design is conceptualized and developed by designers at CrossRoadsBrands.

At CrossRoadsBrands we have gained experience in B2B and B2C businesses, having done projects for quite a diverse set of clients. We have worked with Home Decor, Apparel, Food and Grocery, Hospitals, Consulting Service providers, Schools in the B2C segment. In the B2B segment industrial insulation products, large industrial engineering company, solar energy products and a few other sectors. This gives us confidence to support the branding and digital marketing needs in a broad set of businesses.

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