Tune In!
Yes, tune in! that’s what we do with a channel. From my childhood till now, the one thing that has not changed about channels is the audience choice to tune in or not! I remember tuning in to the Radio for Kishore and Rafi songs OR to the Television for the suspense of Karamchand. Today I tune in to the television for an Indian Idol at max, but spend much more time on Facebook, Youtube, Google, Twitter. Each of the social and internet channels offer something different for the audience to tune into. Understanding this is important for the brand owner.
Facebook is a social channel which communicates in many ways. A brand personality can be developed using Facebook. This is an immensely powerful social channel which allows targeted communication with a great mix of digital content- text, picture, video, audio. Promotions and Advertisements are intrinsic to Facebook which can be measured as well. Catalogues, Loyalty and payments apps can enhance Facebook to be an e-commerce engine as well making it one of the most complete marketing tool But wait! This sounds good for B2C, may not be true for B2B and one starts thinking LinkedIn.
Managing a Channel!
Doordarshan monopoly got broken by private channels and content producers, and we the audience got choice to tune into what we liked. That’s the exact challenge on any of the social media channels as well. The brand owner needs to have good content which the audience would want to engage and tune into. We at CrossRoadsBrands understand the challenge of the brand owners and do our best to generate interesting content. Our services range from Facebook Page Design and Set-up, Promotion Design, Promotion Content Development, Promotion Launch, Facebook Advertisement, Facebook Content Writing, Twitter Hashtag Strategy. Twitter Content Infographics. Youtube videos, 1 minute clips, Animations We do the end to end from concept, to raw content, storyline, editing, graphics, effects for digital content.